Village Pizza & Deli in Nassau to Close After 12 Years of Service

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Village Pizza & Deli in Nassau is set to close on May 10 after serving the community for 12 years. Owners Marsha and Jim Winters announced their decision to close the family-owned business, citing a desire to reclaim some personal time. The building has been sold and is expected to become a Chinese restaurant. The Winters expressed their gratitude towards the community for its support over the years.

A Fond Farewell to Village Pizza & Deli

After more than a decade of serving pizzas and deli delights, Village Pizza & Deli at 2 Malden Street in Nassau is closing its doors. Owners Marsha and Jim Winters shared the news with their customers through a heartfelt Facebook post. The decision comes not from business failure but from a personal choice to step back and enjoy more of life’s moments outside the demands of their business.

Marsha Winters explained that running the restaurant has become too burdensome for the couple, who wish to enjoy more personal time. She revealed that the property, after being on the market for two years, has been sold and is likely to be transformed into a Chinese restaurant, with details to come on its opening.

Community and Success

Throughout its operations, Village Pizza & Deli has been a pillar in the Nassau community, with Marsha Winters likening many of her customers to family. The restaurant has enjoyed success over the years, becoming a local favorite, celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere and tasty offerings.

The couple’s decision reflects a broader narrative often faced by family-owned businesses, where the balance between personal life and business responsibilities becomes a key factor in their continuity. Jim Winters holds a full-time job, and Marsha plans to seek employment following the restaurant’s closure, marking a new chapter for them both.

The Final Days

Village Pizza & Deli will continue to operate until May 10, using up the remaining food supplies. The Winters encourage their patrons to visit one last time to enjoy the menu items that have made the deli a beloved spot in Nassau. As the doors close, the community is invited to share in celebrating the end of an era for Village Pizza & Deli.

The Winters expressed their profound gratitude towards the Nassau community, which has supported them extensively over the years. Their story is a testament to the impact local businesses have on their communities and the bittersweet moments that come with saying goodbye.

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