Woman with Pizza Box Linked to Series of Home Burglaries in Torrance

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In Torrance, California, a woman carrying a pizza box has been linked to a series of home break-ins across the South Bay area. The suspect, caught on multiple surveillance videos, uses the pizza box as a ruse to check if homes are unoccupied before accomplices break in. Local residents and police are on high alert as the investigation continues, with no arrests made yet. Victims of these burglaries have reported substantial losses, including one homeowner in Harbor City who lost $20,000 worth of jewelry and valuables.

Unusual Burglary Method Uncovered

In recent weeks, residents of Torrance and Harbor City have experienced a spate of home burglaries involving an unusual method. Surveillance footage shared with local media shows a woman approaching homes while holding a pizza box. This tactic, believed to be a decoy to determine if anyone is home, precedes break-ins by just minutes.

Undine Schwarz, a resident whose home was targeted, noted the lack of a typical insulated carrier used by pizza delivery personnel, which tipped her off to the deception. The burglars attempted to enter her home in broad daylight but were thwarted by a security alarm, which scared them off before they could steal anything.

A Call for Vigilance and Information

Another affected homeowner in Harbor City, who preferred to remain anonymous, provided additional video evidence showing the same woman with the pizza box. In his case, the burglars successfully entered his home, stealing jewelry and other valuables worth approximately $20,000. Due to the burglars wearing gloves, no fingerprints were found at the scene.

This series of incidents has prompted local police to ask for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspects. So far, the investigation has not led to any arrests, and there may be more victims who have not yet come forward.

Community Response and Safety Measures

The community has been alerted to this new method of burglary, prompting many to reconsider their home security measures and vigilance. The use of a pizza box as a disguise has been particularly troubling for residents, as it exploits a normally innocuous scenario to facilitate criminal activities.

Local authorities encourage anyone who may have seen suspicious activities related to these incidents or has surveillance footage featuring the suspects to contact the police. By working together, residents and law enforcement hope to prevent further burglaries and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The impact of these break-ins has been significant, not just in terms of stolen property but also the increased sense of vulnerability and concern among community members. With continued vigilance and cooperation, the community aims to deter further crimes and ensure safety in the neighborhood.

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