Rosati’s Pizza Launches Innovative Training Program to Cultivate Franchise Owners

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Rosati’s Pizza is revolutionizing the way it trains and cultivates future franchise owners with Rosati’s University, a unique four-year paid training program. Launched by Jay Rosati, this initiative is designed to prepare participants comprehensively for ownership of their own Rosati’s Pizza franchise. The program includes rigorous basic training, business education, and hands-on management experience, culminating in an opportunity for graduates to become part-owners of a franchise with special financing from the company.

Launching a New Kind of Training

Rosati’s Pizza, with its long history and nearly 125 locations across the U.S., has introduced Rosati’s University to address the challenge of finding and training potential franchise owners. The program, envisioned by Jay Rosati, targets young, ambitious individuals eager to learn and grow within the company.

Starting with job fairs and high school visits for recruitment, the program promises to equip candidates with not only the skills needed to make pizza but to understand and manage a business from the ground up. “We want them to learn the entire business,” says Jay Rosati, highlighting the program’s comprehensive approach.

From Basic Training to Business Mastery

The journey at Rosati’s University begins with a five-week “basic training” where candidates are immersed in all aspects of working at a Rosati’s location, from order entry to pizza creation. This phase ensures that both the company and the candidates can assess a good fit for each other.

Following this, participants undergo eight 12-week segments of detailed classes covering everything from accounting to operations management. Each segment includes examinations and practical applications, ensuring candidates not only learn but also apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

Advanced Management and Ownership Training

After mastering the basics, candidates advance to a two-year management training course where they learn to handle high-level responsibilities that come with running a franchise. This includes marketing, finance, and day-to-day store management under the mentorship of experienced managers.

This intense training prepares them not just to be effective managers but future owners, focusing on the comprehensive skills needed to succeed in the competitive pizza industry.

Toward Ownership and Beyond

The final goal of Rosati’s University is to transform its graduates into business owners. Successful candidates are given the opportunity to own part of a Rosati’s Pizza franchise, with the company providing special financing options to facilitate this transition. This innovative approach not only fosters dedicated leadership within the company but also ensures that new franchisees are exceptionally well-prepared to thrive and expand the Rosati’s brand.

With a number of candidates already progressing through the program, Rosati’s University is set to be a game-changer in franchise training, promising a robust pipeline of well-trained, motivated franchise owners ready to spread the Rosati’s Pizza legacy.

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