Peter Piper Pizza Launches Slice of Knowledge Foundation to Support Educational Charities

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Peter Piper Pizza, known for its commitment to community involvement, has launched the Slice of Knowledge Foundation to support children’s education in the Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque areas. In partnership with ICEE®, they are offering a special promotion: a $2 donation gets customers five coupons for a free 12-ounce ICEE, valid at participating locations. The funds raised will benefit local educational charities. Peter Piper Pizza has a long history of supporting local communities, donating over $600,000 annually to various organizations.

Introduction of the Slice of Knowledge Foundation

Peter Piper Pizza, a brand recognized for integrating fun with dining, is expanding its philanthropic efforts through the Slice of Knowledge Foundation. This initiative aims to provide substantial support to educational programs for children within its service areas. This April, the foundation kicked off with a significant partnership with ICEE®, creating a unique fundraising opportunity for guests visiting their restaurants.

For a minimal donation of $2, customers receive coupons for free ICEE drinks, adding a sweetener to their contribution toward a noble cause. The initiative is not just about raising funds but is a testament to Peter Piper Pizza’s commitment to giving back to the communities it serves. The collaboration involves 42 Peter Piper Pizza locations, ensuring that the impact of this campaign is widespread.

Ongoing Community Support and Impact

Peter Piper Pizza has consistently shown dedication to community causes, particularly those that enhance children’s education and development. Through various fundraising events, including a recent heart-shaped pizza campaign that supported local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the company has contributed nearly $160,000 this year alone to such causes. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to engage with and support the local community through meaningful initiatives.

The brand’s commitment extends beyond occasional campaigns. Regular fundraiser nights are hosted in partnership with local schools and charities, where a portion of the evening’s earnings—up to 20%—is donated to the participating organizations. This approach not only fosters a stronger community connection but also makes each pizza purchase a potential contribution to a local cause.

More About Peter Piper Pizza

Founded in 1973 in Glendale, Arizona, Peter Piper Pizza has grown significantly, maintaining over 120 locations across the U.S. and Mexico. Known for its neighborhood pizzeria ambiance, the brand offers a combination of dining and entertainment that appeals to both adults and children. Fresh, made-from-scratch pizza dough and a family-friendly environment are hallmarks of their service.

The company has been recognized as Arizona’s most-loved consumer brand, underlining its success in connecting with its customer base not just through products but through its corporate values and community activities. For those interested in finding their nearest Peter Piper Pizza location or staying updated on its activities, visit their website at or follow their social media platforms.

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