Man Apologizes for Bouncing Check 13 Years Ago, Pays Back with Interest

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A man who bounced a check for a pizza 13 years ago recently sent a heartfelt apology to the pizzeria owner. He explained his actions, apologized for them, and enclosed a money order to cover the cost of the pizza plus interest. The owner shared the letter on social media, and it resonated with many people.

Making Amends After 13 Years

In 2002, a man stole a pizza from a pizzeria by writing a check he knew would bounce. Struggling financially and with a hungry child at home, he saw no other option at the time.

Years later, still feeling guilty, he decided to apologize to the pizzeria owner. The anonymous letter, dated January 28, 2015, explained his situation and expressed his deep remorse.

He addressed the owner as “Dear Sir” and explained that he wasn’t making excuses, just providing context. He wrote about his difficult financial situation and how he was “incredibly ashamed and embarrassed” about what he did. He mentioned that he had visited the pizzeria several times since then but never had the courage to confess.

Heartfelt Apology and Payment

Over the years, the man worked hard, built a solid business, and became self-sufficient. He couldn’t stop thinking about his past mistake and felt it was his responsibility to make things right.

In his letter, he included a money order for $54.39, which he calculated by adding 8% interest compounded yearly to the assumed original amount of $20.

The pizzeria owner shared the letter on Reddit with the caption, “Received this today, I’m speechless.” The post garnered significant attention, with many people praising the man’s honesty and integrity. Comments highlighted how the world needs more people like him, capable of owning up to their mistakes and making amends.

Positive Reactions and Reflections

The letter struck a chord with many people online. Some shared similar experiences from their lives, like an old woman making amends before she died or someone repaying a cab driver after forgetting their wallet.

One commenter suggested the pizzeria owner put up a note saying, “I forgive you. You know who you are.” The story reminds us that it’s never too late to make things right and that acts of honesty and integrity can inspire others.

The man’s apology and the pizzeria owner’s response highlight the power of forgiveness and the importance of taking responsibility for our actions.

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