Discover Lexington’s Top Pizza Places Ranked by Yelp Reviews

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Lexington, Kentucky, boasts a vibrant pizza scene, as highlighted in a recent Stacker compilation using Yelp data to rank the city’s top pizza spots. Only establishments with at least 25 reviews were considered, ensuring a reliable reflection of community feedback. This list presents a diverse array of pizza options, from traditional to innovative, with PieTana leading the ranks with its 4.5-star rating. Other notable mentions include Whiskey Bear Craft Kitchen & Bar and two locations of Smashing Tomato, emphasizing the variety and quality of pizza available across Lexington.

Lexington’s Top Pizza Destinations

The top-rated pizzeria, PieTana, impresses with a stellar 4.5 out of 5 stars, securing its place at the forefront of Lexington’s pizza offerings. Following closely is Whiskey Bear Craft Kitchen & Bar, blending classic pizza with a robust selection of cocktails, demonstrating a perfect pairing of food and drink. The Smashing Tomato makes two appearances on the list, at different addresses, each showcasing their mastery in combining pizza with other culinary delights like pasta and sandwiches.

Other noteworthy pizzerias include Pies & Pints and Pearl’s, both rated at 4.3 stars, offering a mix of pizzas, salads, and seafood. These restaurants reflect the dynamic food scene in Lexington, catering to a range of tastes and preferences. Whether customers are in the mood for a simple slice of pepperoni or a gourmet pie, Lexington’s pizzerias provide an array of choices to satisfy any palate.

Diverse Offerings Across the City

Lexington’s pizza landscape is marked by its variety, with places like Rolling Oven, a food truck that has garnered a loyal following with a 4.3-star rating, and MOD Pizza’s two locations, both celebrated for their fast service and customizable pizzas. This diversity not only caters to different tastes but also accommodates various dining preferences, from quick bites to leisurely meals.

Blaze Pizza and Jets Pizza also make the list, emphasizing Lexington’s preference for fast, convenient, and highly rated pizza options. These establishments, along with others like Goodfellas Pizzeria with two locations on the list, highlight the city’s robust pizza scene, combining quality, speed, and variety to cater to the demands of pizza lovers.

Community Favorites and Hidden Gems

The list also uncovers hidden gems such as The Goose Lexington and Apollo Pizza, places that might not have made the top of the list but still provide unique flavors and experiences that resonate with locals. These establishments, while varied in their offerings from bars to traditional pizza joints, contribute significantly to the local culinary landscape, providing residents and visitors with multiple dining options.

Every restaurant featured offers something different, from the ambiance and types of pizzas to the complementary menus including cocktails, salads, and desserts. This variety ensures that whether one is looking for a casual dining experience, a family meal, or a craft cocktail night out with pizza, Lexington’s pizza scene has something to offer.

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