Brainerd High Students Launch Mac and Cheese Pizza at Local Pizzeria

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Brainerd High School students are diving into the world of culinary marketing by teaming up with local pizzeria Slice on Oak to test the marketability of a unique new product: Mac and Cheese Pizza. Available for a limited time from May 11 to May 18, this creation features a cheesy macaroni topping with bacon on a white sauce base. The project, part of a Sports and Entertainment Marketing class, aims to give students firsthand experience in product promotion and sales.

A Culinary Experiment in Marketing

Students at Brainerd High School are getting a taste of real-world business through a creative partnership with Slice on Oak, a popular pizzeria in Brainerd. As part of their Sports and Entertainment Marketing class, the students are tasked with creating and selling a new pizza flavor. Their creation, a Mac and Cheese Pizza, combines the comforting flavors of creamy macaroni and cheese with the savory crunch of bacon, all layered over a delicious white sauce.

David Anderson, a sophomore at Brainerd High School, is one of the students involved in this project. He, along with classmates Maureen Paulus, Liam Smith, Brexton Fearing, Ashton Koering, Tate Oium, Evan Bolt, Kade Stengrim, Eli Tautges, and Isaac Vanek, are working diligently to spread the word and maximize sales during the pizza’s one-week availability.

Learning Through Real Business Challenges

The initiative is not just about cooking up a tasty pizza; it’s a strategic effort to understand the dynamics of product marketing and consumer response. The students are responsible for all aspects of the campaign, from product development to marketing strategies, giving them a practical insight into the challenges and rewards of business management.

The collaboration with Slice on Oak offers these young marketers a platform to see their ideas come to life in a real commercial setting. This experience is invaluable, providing lessons in teamwork, project management, and entrepreneurial spirit that textbooks alone cannot teach.

Supporting Local Student Innovation

The community is encouraged to support these budding entrepreneurs by trying out their Mac and Cheese Pizza. By dining at Slice on Oak or ordering this limited-time offering, customers not only get to enjoy a novel pizza but also contribute to a practical learning experience for local students.

With the project running only from May 11 to May 18, the window to sample this unique blend of classic comfort food and traditional pizza is brief. The success of this venture could open more opportunities for student-led projects in the future, further bridging the gap between education and real-world application.

Whether it turns out to be a bestseller or a learning curve, this initiative by the students of Brainerd High School marks an important step in their educational journey, highlighting the importance of innovation, collaboration, and community support in fostering the next generation of business leaders.

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