Blaze Pizza Relocates Headquarters from California to Atlanta

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Blaze Pizza, a popular fast-casual pizza chain founded in Southern California, is moving its headquarters from Pasadena to Atlanta. The company, known for its build-your-own pizza style, aims to drive growth with this move. CEO Beto Guajardo mentioned that while California holds a special place for the brand, Atlanta offers better opportunities for expansion.

Blaze Pizza Moves HQ to Atlanta

Blaze Pizza, first launched in Irvine, California, in 2011, is relocating its headquarters from Pasadena to Atlanta. This decision, first reported by Restaurant Business, marks a significant change for the pizza chain that has grown extensively across the U.S. and internationally.

Blaze Pizza’s CEO, Beto Guajardo, stated that the move aims to capitalize on growth opportunities in the South. He emphasized that while California remains important to the brand, the relocation to Atlanta will help facilitate the company’s next wave of growth. This move is consistent with national population trends, with more people moving to the South.

Why Move to Atlanta?

Blaze Pizza currently operates 295 locations in the U.S., with 93 of those in California and only five in Georgia. The transition to Atlanta aligns with strategic business decisions and population shifts. Although the company didn’t explicitly cite the high cost of doing business in California as a reason for the move, it’s a well-known factor.

Studies have shown that many businesses are leaving California for more cost-effective states. For example, a 2022 survey indicated that Los Angeles County is the most expensive place in Southern California to run a business. Blaze Pizza’s move to Atlanta could mitigate some of these financial pressures while positioning the company for further growth.

About Blaze Pizza

Founded in 2011, Blaze Pizza quickly became popular for its fast-casual approach to pizza making. Customers can choose their ingredients as their pizza is made in front of them, similar to a sandwich shop. NBA legend LeBron James became a part-owner in 2012, boosting the brand’s visibility and popularity.

Despite the headquarters relocation, Blaze Pizza continues to value its roots in California. The company remains committed to serving communities across the state while expanding its presence in other parts of the country. With the new headquarters in Atlanta, Blaze Pizza is poised to explore new growth avenues and strengthen its national footprint.

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