Blaze Pizza to Expand in Greater Cincinnati with Five New Locations

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Blaze Pizza, the fast-casual dining chain partly owned by NBA star LeBron James, is set to expand its presence in Greater Cincinnati. The company plans to add five new locations across the region over the next five years, according to a recent announcement. Each new pizzeria will feature the brand’s signature custom, oven-fired pizzas that cook in minutes, offering a unique dining experience where every pizza is one-of-a-kind.

Blaze Pizza’s Growth in Cincinnati

Currently, Blaze Pizza has two outlets in the Greater Cincinnati area—one in Mason and another at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The expansion will bring new restaurants to Blue Ash/Kenwood, West Chester/Liberty Township, Oakley/University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and the Miamisburg/Dayton area.

Sanjay Patel, the entrepreneur who owns the existing Mason location, is spearheading this expansion. He plans to open one new pizzeria each year, a strategy spurred by his successful overhaul of the Mason restaurant earlier this year. After purchasing and completely renovating it, Patel was inspired to further invest in the Blaze Pizza franchise.

Patel’s connection to Blaze Pizza began in 2015 when a family visit to the restaurant left him dreaming of owning something similar. Nearly a decade later, he not only owns a franchise but is also planning significant expansion in the region.

A Unique Pizza Experience

Blaze Pizza distinguishes itself in the fast-casual dining market with its customizable pizzas. Customers can choose from four different dough options and over 40 toppings, making each pizza distinctively individual. This level of customization is central to the brand’s appeal, as noted by Patel, who emphasized the unique, personalized experience offered at Blaze.

“Something about Blaze is very special,” Patel remarked. “People who make a pizza here will never get this pizza anywhere else. Because every pizza is unique.” He believes that the freedom to choose is what makes Blaze particularly appealing to customers.

LeBron James’ Role and Future Plans

NBA star LeBron James is not only a prominent co-owner and investor in Blaze Pizza but also a significant advocate for the brand. His involvement has helped spotlight the franchise, known for its “Fast-Fire’d” cooking method that promises great pizza in minutes. James owns 19 franchise locations and holds an equity stake estimated at about $40 million as of 2020.

With the planned expansion, Blaze Pizza aims to strengthen its footprint in the Greater Cincinnati area, providing more opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy its unique, customizable pizza offerings. This move is part of a broader vision to enhance accessibility to Blaze’s innovative dining experience across different regions.

For pizza enthusiasts and those curious about creating their own culinary masterpieces, the new Blaze Pizza locations in Cincinnati promise a fresh, fast, and fun dining experience that stands out in the fast-casual pizza scene.

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