Survey Reveals America’s Favorite and Most Disliked Pizza Toppings

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A recent survey conducted by YouGov has uncovered some fascinating insights into Americans’ pizza topping preferences, revealing a nation divided over anchovies, jalapeños, and pineapple. Anchovies emerged as the least favorite topping, with 29% of participants disliking it, while pepperoni continues to reign as America’s top pick, beloved by 24% of respondents. The survey also delved into other aspects of pizza enjoyment, like crust preferences and dipping sauces, providing a comprehensive snapshot of America’s pizza tastes.

The Battle Over Toppings

It turns out anchovies are not just unpopular, they’re widely disliked as a pizza topping. Only a small fraction (1%) considers them a favorite. On the other hand, pepperoni stands out as the star of the show, with nearly a quarter of Americans favoring it on their pizza slices.

Other toppings that stir up strong feelings include jalapeños and pineapple. Despite their vibrant flavors, 8% of people can’t stand jalapeños, and 6% feel the same about pineapple. Interestingly, some less common toppings like eggplant and artichokes also make the list of least favorites.

Mushrooms and broccoli sparked debate as well, with 5% of respondents disliking each. The survey also touched on the eternal question of fresh versus canned mushrooms, highlighting that the type of mushroom can significantly affect pizza enjoyment.

Crusts and Cuts: More Than Just Toppings

Preferences extend beyond just what goes on top of the pizza. When it comes to the crust, thin crust, often associated with New York-style pizza, is the favorite among 39% of Americans. Meanwhile, thick crust and stuffed crust have their own loyal followings.

Regionally, pizza style preferences vary. New Yorkers overwhelmingly prefer their local style, while Midwesterners tend to lean towards Chicago-style deep dish. In the West, California-style pizza holds significant appeal, but New York-style remains popular there as well.

Most people (75%) like their pizza sliced in traditional triangles, but there’s still a notable minority who prefer square or even strip cuts. This shows how varied pizza eating habits can be across different groups.

How We Eat Our Pizza

The survey also explored how Americans eat their pizza. A large majority (73%) enjoy it the old-fashioned way—by hand. However, some prefer to use utensils, with 11% typically using a fork and knife.

Dipping sauces are an essential part of the pizza-eating experience for many. Marinara sauce and garlic butter are favorites for about 23% of diners each. Ranch dressing, another popular choice, is used by 22% of people, demonstrating the diverse ways in which Americans enjoy enhancing their pizza.

The findings from YouGov’s survey not only highlight the diverse preferences when it comes to pizza toppings, crusts, and styles but also reflect the broader cultural tastes and regional variations across the United States. Whether it’s a dislike for anchovies or a love for pepperoni, it’s clear that pizza holds a special place in many Americans’ hearts and diets.

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