About Taylor

Pizza is like life: best enjoyed slice by slice, with a little extra cheese on top.

Taylor – taylormadepizza.life

Born and raised in the pizza-loving city of Chicago, Taylor has always had a slice of pizza close to his heart. From the bustling pizzerias of Chicago to the quaint pizza joints dotting the Jersey Shore, he’s sampled, savored, and studied them all. His mid-30s have been marked by an insatiable quest to understand the art and science of pizza-making, leading him to create TaylorMadePizza.life.

With a passion as deep as the layers in a Chicago deep-dish, Taylor isn’t just another pizza reviewer. He brings to the table a genuine love for the craft, combined with years of tasting and analyzing what makes each pizza unique. His insights aren’t just based on taste, but on the stories, techniques, and traditions behind each pie.

Taylor believes that every pizza has a story, whether it’s from a renowned pizzeria or a homemade experiment in one’s kitchen. Through www.taylormadepizza.life, he invites you on a delicious journey to explore these stories, recipes, and the sheer joy of savoring the perfect slice. So, whether you’re a pizza aficionado or a casual enthusiast, Taylor’s insights, backed by his Chicago roots and relentless pursuit of pizza knowledge, promise to elevate your pizza experience.